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Created on 3/26/13 (March 26th, 2013) Added a counter on 12/8/13 CLICK HERE TO Promote your Tumblr to thousands of people FOR FREE AND GET FOLLOWERS FAST! THE MORE U PROMOTE THE MORE YOU GAIN NO LOGIN INFO NEEDED This is for helping all Beliebers. I follow back if you ask if you don't have innapropriate things on your tumblr. I help beliebers with everything from as simple as getting more followers on twitter to meeting justin. People have asked who I have helped actually meet Justin I have helped a few. I have helped Jasmine, Danica, Kiki, Makayla, Aly, Marisa,Hailey, Millie Talia, Sayna and Kate meet Justin. I have helped Ceryna and Shelly become the OLLG and I'm just getting started. All beliebers can take part in this. What you can do as a belieber here and how to do it : I hope this helps you all. Everyone is welcomed to follow me and to self promote them self to on my submit page BUT if you are a Justin hater who has hate towards justin on your page then You're not welcomed. I decided to make this to help ALL Beliebers because I am so sick of seeing beliebers like only helping big accounts, sick beliebers or just simply ignoring all other beliebers. That's not right at all. I hope to help bring the BELIEBERS HELP BELIEBERS moto back. Alot of beliebers say it all the time yet very few I see really mean it. I am here to help ALL beliebers. I also hope that Justin will see this to and notice all of the hard work I am doing and all the beliebers who need him but I need your help. Please tweet my tumblr url to Justin, the crew and some beliebers it would mean alot to me. Sometimes you will see that some beliebers don't even submit their stories and I post them. This is because I notice them on twitter and I want to help them. If for any reason you don't want it posted send me the link to your story that I posted here on twitter and I will delete it I say on twitter so I can make sure you're really the belieber who's story it is before I delete the post. =) My other Tumblr is : NO DREAM IS TO SMALL OR TO BIG I HELP ALL BELIEBERS AND WHEN I SAY ALL I MEAN I HELP ALL BELIEBERS!!!!! I'm not like some who claim to help ALL and only help a few I HELP ALL I am also helping ALL Meaning those with illnesses or not ALL BELIEBERS MATTER TO ME. =) Free Web Counter
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